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My wife was having her breakfast on our terrace when she heard some birds going crazy and she saw the cause for the comotion when she inmediately told me to get my photographic gear together for a pair of Iguanas were on the tree in our backyard.  Iguana ia a common name for the larger lizards of the iguana family. These reptiles are known for their impressive courting and defensive displays, such as raising their bodies and bobbing their heads vigorously.

Iguanas Sunbathing
A pair of Iguanas were in a tree in my backyard in the center of the city.

I took about 30 images of the animals using a Nikon F100 with Nikon 85, 200 and 500 mm lens on a tripod with Kodak GPX Pro 160 film with a polarizer for all my shots. I finally selected this shot as my favorite. This particular image was taken with a 80-200/2.8 Nikon lens.